Time for a Haircut!

Little Guy has been looking a bit shaggy lately, so we decided it was time for a trim.  Hubby cuts his hair at home, and this time we decided to go quite a bit shorter than we had in the past. 

Before the Haircut....

and After...
Hubby and I love the new shorter look.  Little Guy isn't so sure.  His first comment after looking in the mirror was "I don't look like William anymore!" We think he'll come around eventually...probably just in time for the next time he neeeds a trim!


  1. He looks lovely! What a cutie and so William like! xx

  2. Looking good, Master Willie! Lovely pearly whites (teeth) too.

    Mr B has had his hair cut the shortest I've ever known. I think he's finding it a bit chilly around the ears!

    Z xx



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