Cowboy Boots

The old boots...
Little Guy loves wearing his cowboy boots.  He’s worn one pair or the other since he first started walking.  We’ve always gotten lucky, finding a new pair just as he started to outgrow the last.  Recently we started to notice that he didn’t want to run around as much as usual, and in fact was asking to be carried much more often than was his norm.

At first I thought maybe he was sick, but he seemed to feel fine.  I asked if his boots hurt his feet and he adamantly said, “No!”  I believed him at first, but soon began to suspect that he was fibbing.  He just looked like someone who’s feet hurt. 

I think he’d decided that if he complained, he might have to give up his beloved boots, and since a new pair had not yet materialized…he wasn’t willing to take the chance.

We took him to the mall and had his put his feet in one of those things they have to determine accurate size.  His old boots were a size 8.  His shoe size, according to the shoe store chart, was ten!! 

Poor Little Guy!  No wonder he wanted to be carried around.  His little tootsies must have been screaming with each step.  I felt terrible for not noticing sooner.  Chalk it up on the long list of mistakes this Mom has made so far.

We ended up going to several stores before finally hitting pay dirt!  His old boots featured the characters from Toy Story.  That was not a requirement for the new boots, but when we found a comparable pair on sale for half price (oh, and with litghts too), the choice was clear.

When Little Guy walked back out into the mall, wearing his brand new (comfortable) cowboy boots, his smile was electric!  Never was there a boy more happy to go shoe shopping than he. 
the NEW BOOTS!!!

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