Cookies that ROAR!

For Christmas my Mother-in-law bought me a big box of cookie cutters  (100 to be exact).  Every shape and size imaginable was included. 

When we got them home, Little Guy immediately wanted to make trains, dinosaurs and footballs (this kid is ALL boy!).  It just so happened that a co-worker was having a birthday, and our team had decided to bring treats to the office to celebrate.  The guy with the birthday is probably well past the stage where he’s easily impressed by frosted sugar cookies, but that’s what I took.  

Dinosaur cookies!  They aren’t decorated excessively.  I go all out for Christmas cookies, but just didn’t have the time to go crazy with these.  I frosted with tinted green frosting and topped with candy sprinkles and an M&M eyes. 

Perfect?  No, but my Little Guy sure liked them, and I think my co-worker seemed to think that they were okay too. 

One cookie cutter down, 99 to go.  It will be a fun (and sweet) year indeed.



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