Little Guy goes to a small in-home daycare/pre-school.  His teacher is fabulous!  She takes time for each child one-on-one, helping them to grasp various topics at their own pace.  Our fella is thriving there.  He loves going so much, that sometimes he gets upset to find out its Saturday and he doesn't have "school".

Recently he was assigned his first ever presentation.  The theme of the month for January has been dinosaurs and Will's assignment was to talk about the Brachiosaurus Dinosaur.  We were asked to help him come up with five or six facts about this dinosaur which he could memorize and tell his class-mates.  We were also asked to help him create some kind of visual aid to support his presentation. 

I took a copy paper box, cut it down with a box cutter and Little Guy and I painted the interior of the box to look like an outdoor scene.  Then on colored paper, he drew a sun and trees and I cut them out.  He glued those around the walls.  We put two rubber brachiosaurus toys that he had in the middle and also added a couple stand up bushes.  Around the outside we put a picture of the dinosaur which he'd colored as well as a few other little pictures.  I helped him, but he did a lot of the work himself and I'm very proud of him for it. 

Today I talked to his teacher (the presentation was yesterday).  She said he did great, and didn't need any prompting.  She had build a little stage and podium for the kids and Little Guy loved every minute of it.  On the way home, he asked if we could build a stage at our house.  Ha ha.

Brachiosaurus facts that we've learned this week:
  • taller than a T-Rex
  • very slow walker
  • ate plants and leaves
  • front legs longer than hind legs
  • nostrils on top of his head

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  1. Wow! That seems ever such a lot for a little lad to take on; I'm ever-so-impressed.
    Even at senior school we used to have to do presentations and take turns at reading out the daily Bible reading. I dreaded it! But now I feel it was worth all that nervewrack. Sounds like he's taken to Public Speaking like a duck to water.
    Z xx
    PS I am not a robot. I am not a robot. I am ...



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