Mama's Boys

Sometimes the only thing that gets me through a day at the office is staring longingly at the pictures of my boys that hang in my cubicle.   Sometimes when they are both snugly tucked into their beds, quietly sleeping… I have to go into their rooms just to look down on them in awe.  Sometimes, I hope the baby will wake up in the night, just so I can get a bonus snuggle (even if it does mean a long tired day to follow).

I never knew that being a mother could so fundamentally change what matters to me, but it did.  I adore these two tiny fellas more than anything.  They (and their Dad) are my world and I love them so much….

  • I love that Little Guy looks more like me, and that Baby Boy looks more like his Dad
  • I love that Little Guy says he can’t wait till his brother is big enough to share his room and bunk bed
  • I love that Baby Boy watches his big brother’s every move – as if he’s taking notes for future adventures they’ll have together
  • I love that they each have a very distinct personality – that they are most certainly not interchangeable – that they are wonderful and unique little boys.
  • I love that when Baby Boy is mad, he furrows his brow in exactly the same way Hubby does when he is mad
  • I love that the baby now gives me kisses (the big slobbery ones that only babies can get away with)
  • I love that my three year old still gives me hugs and kisses too (I know the clock is probably ticking on this)
  • I love that they both smile a lot.  They are truly happy kids (hard to tell from these pictures I know, but Baby Boy has figured out what the camera does, and as soon as he sees it he now stops smiling and waits for the flash...then the smile returns.  haha)
  • I love their little toes and fingers
  • I love the sound of their giggles

  • I love that my life is filled with dinosaurs and fire trucks and trains and Legos and baseball cards and pirates and play-doh and sand boxes.... and that it will be for a very long time

Mama loves her boys!


  1. I'm a bit late catching up with your blog, but I just wanted to say I live this post! Thank you for sharing and making me realise how lucky we are to be mothers



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