Mood Swings & Chocolate Cravings

By decree (of my husband), no more local news for me until the baby is born! Last night Little Guy was playing with his trains while Hubby and I were taking in a bit of the 6:00 news. A story came on about the second soldier from our state to die in Afghanistan this week. I was fine until they showed his picture. It always breaks my heart when any of our soldiers (such brave men and women) lose their lives in service to our country, but this boy really struck a nerve. He was so young! I was just suddenly and completely overwrought for his family.

Hubby and Little Guy both stopped what they were doing, and froze – for a moment staring at me in surprise and worry. Hubby quickly changed the television channel and Little Guy found his way into my lap to stroke my cheek, and say, “It okay Mama, I here for you.” That of course made me cry even harder. All I could think about, was that somewhere that soldier’s Mom was wishing her son was still around for her, but of course he’s not.

After a few minutes, Hubby found the premier episode of MacGuyver on Netflix, and it had the desired effect. Eventually, I stopped crying. Soon things were pretty much back to normal (or as normal as things get lately – my pregnancy hormones have really been taking me on a roller coaster ride these days).

The other problem I’ve been dealing with is an insane and insatiable hunger for chocolate. Oh dear. I have never eaten as much chocolate in my life, as I have these last couple of months.

Tomorrow I take the three hour glucose tolerance test (to determine if I might have Gestational Diabetes). I failed the first test early in the week. I failed the first test during my other pregnancy too, but passed the second one. I’m hoping for a similar result this time around.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. If I fail that test, maybe keep your fingers crossed for Hubby and Little Guy. They will need all the extra help they can get if I can’t have my chocolate!

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  1. Hi Christy!
    Here's hoping you passed your health check.
    Just a quicky note to say I have a Blog Award for you on my blog. Hope it brings a smile to your face...I too have shed those tears. So many of those brave souls are so young.
    Z xx



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