The Hoosier

When Hubby and I first moved into our house (just a few months after getting married), we realized quickly that the kitchen just didn’t have enough space for our combined accumulation of kitchen stuff. He loves to cook. I love to bake. Over the years, we have acquired the types of kitchen gear you’d expect.

For the space we had to use, we both wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank, but managed to have some character. We found an old Hoosier Cabinet at a local antique store. It sorely needed some repair work (one of the drawer fronts was badly warped and the whole thing needed a serious cleaning and new paint job), but we were willing to take on the challenge.

My Dad helped us. He built a new drawer front to replace the warped one. While Hubby was busy with other new home projects, I spent several hours cleaning, sanding, and painting.

The end result was one we were both quite happy with. It has become our baking center, and is situated in the heart of our kitchen. Our spice collection lives behind the top double doors. The microwave, my most used cook books and a little basket for coupons and take-out menus go in the middle. The drawers below hold cookie cutters, rolling pins, measuring cups and funnels. The bottom storage area is full of mixing bowls, cake and pie pans. On the very top are more cook books which are favorites, but which don’t get used as often, and the cookie jar.

I walk by the Hoosier probably fifty times a day. It always makes me smile, and other than the fact that Little Guy can now reach the buttons on the microwave…I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s not a family heirloom, but it is a family treasure.


  1. I love old kitchen cabinets and drawers full of cookie cutters, rolling pins and measuring cups sound wonderful!

  2. Stephanie Micetich GrimApril 7, 2011 at 9:53 PM

    I have a black cabinet like that will have to send a picture, but it isn't quite the same, no spot for a microwave, just the cabinets and 1 drawer, it is made of metal and was an old vets cabinet, we took it and cleaned it painted it bought new knobs and now fight over the use of it, it's in the kitchen, spices in the top, utensils in the drawer, and staples of flour sugar and so forth in the bottom, love it and treasure it too!

  3. Stephanie, yours sounds wonderful!

    I just love old cabinets. Fun to think how many generations of cooks have used them. :)



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