I Heart Garage Sales!!!!

We went Garage Sailing this past weekend.  My budget for the day was $20, and I managed to get home with a bunch of great items, and CHANGE too!  What a perfect day.

In the picture you can see some of our goodies.  Almost all was for Little Guy (2 pr Osh Kosh jeans, Osh Kosh railroad bibs - to replace the ones he's outgrown, 1 pr Levi's, 1 pr baseball PJs, an Adidas shorts outfit, several pair of other shorts, a Disney "Cars" sweatshirt for fall, several new shirts, including Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train and a Mickey Mouse one!!  We also found (not pictured here) a stack of tiny pants for Baby Boy to go with onsies, three infant toys and two childrens' books for Little Guy... as well as a huge bag of brand new diapers in the size and brand LG wears!!!

Can you believe we found all that for less than twenty bucks?!?!  Woo Hoo

Can hardly wait till next week.


  1. That's awesome! I haven't hit any garage sales this season, but can't wait!! I forgot that you have a blog...glad you post on fb.

  2. Wow quite a stash you found there.

  3. What a haul Christy...love the Oshkosh! I love garage sales too...almost miraculous that twenty dollars can buy so many fun and necessary things.
    P.S. Now you can have a sale of your own to sell your guy's outgrown stuff too...make money to finance your yard saling!



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