Room Sign (52 Week Challenge - Week 4)

Throughout the next week or so, I’ll slowly unveil our Little Guy’s “Big Boy Room”. I’m pleased with how it’s all turned out, and he seems to be happy about it too. He’s been sleeping in his new room for four nights now, and is adjusting.

For the moment, his crib, rocking chair and changing table are present, but when the time comes those last vestiges of the nursery will be replaced with a twin bed and a little dresser.

I wanted to have a sign on the door that designated the space as his. I looked around but found no ‘pre-made’ signs that really worked.

I took an old wooden sign that was a gift from a long-ago co-worker…

And painted it….

Yes, I know the "after" pic is awful.  The letters are a bright red (thought its hard to tell that here), but I couldn't get a pic that didn't have a glare.  sigh.   Anyway...

I recently joined the challenge put forth by the Thrify Mrs. She and a friend concocted a goal of making 52 things in 52 weeks. The guidelines are pretty open. You just need to make things you enjoy, and which aren’t part of your usual repertoire.

I’m counting this for my 52 week project, though technically that’s probably quite a stretch. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I just haven’t been keeping up with that like I should. I’m not even sure what week I’m supposed to be in, but this is what I will call my fourth project for the challenge.

Challenge Summary: Week Four
Ever done this before? Not exactly, but have I painted wood before? Sure.
Do I love it? I like it
Material Cost: $1.96 worth of craft paint. Everything else was on hand
Time Spent: an hour plus drying time
Success - Yes or No? Willie likes it, so Yes

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