As I type this, Little Guy's "Big Boy Room" is being painted a lovely shade of blue (called "Shallow Pond").  My head is swimming with ideas.  I want the room to be fun for him.  I want him to be surrounded by things he loves.  I don't want an overbearing theme, though I'm working on a cowboy quilt for when he graduates to a twin size bed, so there will be a bit of a cowboy element.  But he also loves planes and baseball and stars and tractors and super heroes and trains.  I suppose the theme I'm looking for is "ALL BOY". 

I'm not a huge fan of modern design.  Instead, I find that I'm most enchanted by things that would have looked right at home in a little boy's room circa 1950.  Here are a few items which I feel inspired by at the moment (all images from Bing!) 

Nothing may come from these early inspirations, but right now I like...

What do you think?

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