Birthday Bash Recap

Our Little Guy celebrated his 2nd birthday on Saturday, surrounded by family and friends.  We had cake and presents and cards and lots and lots of fun!  We were all pretty tired when it was over, but we had an amazing day.  It was a lot of work, and there was a bit of a mess to clean up afterward; but it was so worth it!  My mind is already swirling with ideas for next year!! 

But until then...  Here are a few pictures from W's big day:

Some of these photos are a bit dark, but here you can see the cakes & bunting I made for the party.  I felt that it all worked out nicely.
This was the cutest of the three cakes, I thought.  It was French Vanilla with vanilla filling and frosting.
Another one of the cakes - this one was lemon w/ lemon filling and vanilla frosting.  The best flavor of the three in my opinion.

The Main cake - Chocolate w/ chocolate filling and vanilla frosting.

It's a bit dark...but here is the Guest of Honor in front of his cakes.  Moments after this was taken, he reached over and swiped some frosting.  "Mmmmmm" he said. 
Here I am helping him to open one of his birthday gifts (Mr. Potato Head)
He spilled punch all over his first outfit, so after a quick change, he got down to eating some of that cake.  He loved it, and would have eaten much more if we'd let him.


  1. My goodness. Three cakes? And they look WONDERFUL. :) Splendid party all the way around, and your little one has the longest eye lashes. Such a sweetie.

    I know you're proud!

  2. Wow those cakes look amazing, that course paid off. I bet they tasted great too. Ooh you're making me hungry lol. x

  3. Wow! The cakes look amazing-sorry, just realised that is the same as tcg has said-but they ARE!
    Ever thought of doing party planning as a vocation? It looks so much fun. Can I come next year, pleeeeeze?
    Z xx

  4. Happy Birth-day to all of you!
    You're such a good mommy.




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