A Peek Into the "Big Boy" Room

It's not fancy, but it is pretty much finished.  In decorating his "Big Boy Room", my goal was to display a lot of different things Little Guy is interested in.  He loves sports and planes and trains and dinosaurs.  We put a little of each of those elements (as well as several others) in his new room.  I didn't take pictures of every corner or picture on the wall, but the photos below do show some of my favorite bits and pieces.

Come on in:
We've put a Cowboy themed welcome sign on the door and a horse shoe for good luck hanging above.

This is a little collection in honor of Little Guy's first professional baseball game which was between the Reds and the Pirates.  We are Red Sox fans, but the game was so fun - it deserved it's own display even if it is showcasing the wrong teams.  A family pic of us at the game is sitting on the little shelf, along with baseball cards of the one player whose signature we got (on the big "P").  He also received an official "first game certificate" which is hanging here.  The framed picture of the baseball player is one I picked up at a garage sale for fifty cents.

I put this children's road map in a poster frame.  We found it at a rest stop on vacation this year, and I think it's fun.  The rocking chair is one of the remnants of the nursery and will go when the crib does.  The cowboy blanket is one we've had since Willie was a tiny baby, and I love it.

I purchased several Norman Rockwell calendars on eBay and framed a few of my favorites with frames we had on hand.  This collection hangs above his bed.  I picked images that showed a boy's life... getting into trouble, playing with friends, making new discoveries.  Just for fun, but I like them.

The items on these shelves are a hodge podge of things Will loves and things that are dear to us.  The Pooh Bear was hubby's when he was a child.  The train lamp was a gift from my parents.  The sock monkey was made by a dear family member.  Several of the books are from my own childhood collection.
Little Guy's closet, and the hooks where his Red Sox jersey and hat & his cowboy hat hang.  Also you can see his cherished Buzz Lightyear backpack.  It goes on road trips with us everywhere - filled with toys and books.

Look closely, and you'll see Little Guy peeking around the corner.  He does love his new room!!


  1. That's one lucky little boy. What a great room.
    Z xx
    (Yep, I'm playiny catch-up with my comments!!)

  2. Sorry, should read 'playing'! And my word was 'thingi'!
    Z xx



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