Hand, Foot & Mouth

I know I said I'd be away from blogging for a bit, but honestly I wasn't planning to not post at all. It's not been party-planning that has kept me from my computer. Instead it's been nursing Little Guy. In the last month and a half he's had back-to-back ear infections, two head colds, & a stomach virus. Now he has "Hand, Foot & Mouth Virus" which causes little blisters in the obvious places (very creative naming of this little illness), W also has blisters in some even less comfortable places unfortunately. He's banned from daycare till the blisters heal so I'm off with him through Wednesday, and then Hubby will take over for Thursday and Friday. Hopefully by next Monday, we'll be all clear.

The good news is that as long as we can keep him distracted from itching or pointing at various body parts to say "OW", he does okay.

Today while he was napping, I built a little fort in our family room. I filled it with some of his favorite toys and books, and some of his pint sized furniture.
He was quite excited when he woke up and discovered his new hiding place. We had fun in it all afternoon - snuggling stuffed animals, playing peek-a-boo and reading books about trains and planes.

Missing work is not something I want to do (or can afford to do) often, but experiences like playing in that fort, will certainly be ones I remember long after my day job has been forgotten.

I'll be back to the grind day after tomorrow, but until then I'll take advantage of every bonus moment I have to spend with my sweet little boy.

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  1. I hope everyone feels better soon!
    What a cool mom making a fort ;~)




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