Making Our Mark

We've lived in our sweet little house for almost three years. In that time, we've made numerous changes/improvements to the interior; but for the most part, we've left the yard as it was when we moved in. We were lucky that it had all been professionally landscaped by the previous owner.

We did put up a flag pole (with an American flag), and added this mailbox two years ago.... and that was it.

Until recently. Now we've pulled out some shrubs that weren't thriving, and started planting some new perennials. Last night I planted two Peonies (in a corner flower bed as far from the house as we can get - I love the flowers, but hate the ants).

I've also planted twenty gladiola bulbs just inside the fence line in our back yard. I've got some Holly Hocks that I'm planning to plant intermittently with the glads, but the package says not to do those till early summer. I think it will look lovely when they all bloom around the perimeter of our back yard.

Tonight I'm going to hang the birdhouse that my Dad made for me. It's similar (though not identical) to the photo below:

These are all such small things, but when you put them all together.... it means (for us) that the outside of our home will soon be just as cozy and inviting and US, as the inside is. It's really exciting to finally feel we've made our mark.


  1. I love Hollyhocks - if they are really happy they will self-seed too.xx

  2. These little touches pull it all together.

  3. This is one good post! So cozy and just the sort of thing I like to read. With folks moving so often, it's a joy to read of families that want to stay put, even briefly.

    Hooray for you making your mark! :)

  4. I've been here 11 years and still have things I meant to do when I first moved in! I bought some hollyhocks the other day as well. It's lovely when things start to come together, isn't it?



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