The Superman Quilt

I was recently going through some old snapshots and found some of this early quilting project. This twin size quilt was my second attempt at quilting, and my first that was of a "standard" size. (Quilt number one was a lap quilt, which sadly I never took pictures of).

I made this particular one for my little brother back in 2001 (hard to believe it's been that long) but I really enjoyed this project. At the time, our local Wal Mart was selling a series of Superman fabric patterns, and it just so happened that both my brother and I have an affinity for that particular superhero, so the idea was born.

I wanted something simple, so I stuck with a very standard block pattern. My Dad crafted a template for me using plexi-glass, and I bought an inexpensive rotary cutter to cut out the blocks. I then proceeded to drive my then roommate crazy by laying the squares all over our living room floor, trying to find just the right pattern for the overall design. She humored me though, and eventually the sewing began. I quilted it using my trusty Singer (it's just a standard sewing machine, but did the job well). For backing, I used a plaid flannel because I wanted something manly to offset the juvenile fabric patterns.

I gave the finished product to David for Christmas that year, and I do think he liked it a lot. In fact, as far as I know he still uses it (though maybe just when he's watching movies on the sofa these days).

When I came across these photos, I also found some others of projects past that I'll share someday. For now, I hope that each of you have a truly SUPER weekend!


  1. Great job....so nice and bright and cheery. You have a wonderful weekend too! Blessings, Heather

  2. What a cute quilt!

    Have a lovely weekend! :o)

  3. Fun! Our Walmart doesn't sell fabric any more, and I miss it. They carried great stuff for novelty quilts, bags, or little kid clothes. I can't imagine why of all stores, Walmart is doing this.

  4. what a cool quilt! - I have the same quilt making book in my collection!


  5. this is great - we don't have Walmart in the Uk but I love hearing about it !

  6. Thats great Christy - its hard to "sew" for boys, but that is just perfect. xx



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