Weekend Recap

I apologize in advance for the brevity of this post. The last few days have been crazy here in the Wicked Happy House….

Saturday morning, we three went to some Garage Sales. It was a very successful morning. Among our many treasures of the day, we came home with a stack of vintage children’s books for my collection. My favorite being a mint copy of “Good Little Bad Little Girl” for a quarter. I collect Little Golden books illustrated by Eloise Wilkin, and was super excited by this find.

We also found several gently used pieces of clothing for our little man (mostly in the size he’ll be wearing next year). I even found a couple of dresses for myself. I don’t wear dresses often except for church, but always like having new ones to choose from. There were several other goodies too, but these are the highlights.

Sunday morning started off with Willie getting sick at the breakfast table. Poor little guy has really had some bad luck with stomach viruses this year. He was sick off and on all Sunday and Monday. I stayed home with him yesterday, and Dan took today off to be with him. He’s doing much better, thankfully and will be back to daycare tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll have something new to post by then as well. Hoping you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. Poor little Willie, glad to hear he's improving. That looks a really cute book.

  2. Hi Christy. So sorry to hear about Willie being ill. It's not fair on little ones is it? It must be very hard for parents too, I feel for you.
    Anyhow, let's hope he is feeling on top form tomorrow!
    Love, Zoe xx

  3. poor little lad - I hope he perks up soon for you all!

    I love the book cover and picture, I haven't heard of that author - but the title reminds me of a peom my mum used to say to me when I was a littlie!
    "there was a little girl, and she had a little curl, right in the middle of her forhead.
    When she was good, she was very very good, but when when she was bad, she was horrid!"


  4. I LOVE her books, my daughter's favourite was her goodnight book. The illustrations are beautiful. I hope everyone is feeling ok and no one else got it. Heather



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