Crochet Class

The local public schools offer adult education classes on every topic imaginable. If you want to learn how to make cold process soap – there’s a class for that. Looking to learn self defense? How to research genealogy? Hone your Karate skills? They have classes for that.

Wendy (friend and co-worker) and I had discussed learning to crochet on several occasions. She mentioned recently that she’d bit the bullet and had signed up for a crochet class that would meet every Monday for eight weeks. It sounded like fun to me, (and honestly teaching myself was getting me nowhere!) so I signed up.

We meet in an English Lit class room at a local high school. We sit in those plastic chairs that have desks attached. In addition to Wendy and I, there are maybe five other ladies of various ages that attend. Our teacher (a fun gal who pulls no punches) rolls around on a wheeled office chair – coming to each of our desks in turn to review and critique our work so far.

Tonight was our third class.

In our first class we learned how to “Single Crochet”.


In our second class we learned how to “Double Crochet”.


Tonight we learned to “Triple Crochet”


Next week we will tackle “Broomstick Crochet”


… and I think we'll learn maybe one more stitch after that. The rest of the classes will be spent working on individual projects in the classroom (which we choose based on our comfort level and specific interests). Our teacher will roll from desk to desk to help each of us as we tackle these solo projects.

I have no idea what my first real project will be yet. So many options. Maybe a little blanket for Willie? That lap afghan I want to make for my Grandma? A scarf? Your thoughts? What would be the perfect first full size introductory project (using the new “skills” referenced above)?

Note: I’m using the term “skills” very loosely! And obviously, these are not pictures of my actual work. I will show you photos when I have some that are worthy of sharing. For now, you get images from Bing! Search.


  1. Hiya Christy! (Is that a new "supermum")picture of you?). Trying to a bit of a catch-up. Thank you for your lovely comment-yep, cupcakes, good for any reason!I hope your mum is finding inner strengths and I have sent a little message to who ever may be listening. I am not religous as such, but when stuff is good I like to say thank you and when stuff isn't a little message saying help! Check out Lucy at Attic 24 for the most beautiful and inspiring crochet ever. I do like a good hymn. There was a TV ad for a 3xCD pack of 'the best hymns...ever' and I did for a moment think, 'yeah, I'd singalong with that in the kitchen, doing the washing up!' And finally, love that picture of Willy with the jack-in-the-box. Sooo cute! Lotsa luv, Zoe x

  2. Thanks Zoe! You are such a sweetheart! :)

  3. Oh, and yes... new SuperMom pic. trying to feel more empowered I guess? ha! actually the other pic was just quite old and didn't have a new one that seemed right....

  4. I'm wanting to learn crochet, but it looks so tricky. Would definitely need to find a class, but as I work shifts I wouldn't be able to attend regularly. Good luck with whatever you decide to make.

  5. Love the sound of 'broomstick crochet'; never heard of that one! I started with different coloured squares just with triple crochet and sewed them together for a small blanket for one of my children and she still has it and wants it whenever she is ill! Then I moved on to granny squares and now doing little animals and an ENORMOUS ripple blanket which I don't think I will ever finish! Attic 24 is brilliant and you should really look at some of her tutorials.

  6. Good for you! Any of the projects you mentioned would be perfect, maybe even a dishcloth with the 100% cotton, a smaller project to practice your stiches. Thanks for stopping by my blog, great to see you! Blessings, Heather

  7. How lovely that they have all those classes - bet you'll enjoy this one!


  8. Thanks for all the comments and the great ideas. I can't wait to start. :)



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