Home Sweet Home

This is our home. It’s a 1950s ranch, snugly nestled into a tidy neighborhood of similar homes from the same era. Our street is fairly quiet, except for the occasional hoot of children playing outside or the fading wail of a distant siren. Well maintained trees and shrubs dot each lawn. When the weather allows, American flags wave and porch swings don’t go unused.

Our neighborhood offers a modern glimpse into the era in which these homes were built. Though we live in a city, we know our neighbors. We chat over lawn mowers, dogs on leashes and bags bulging with Autumn leaves. In summer, some of us meet to watch the Independence Day parade that passes just a block away.

This is “Small Town America” at it’s finest – even though we are most definitely NOT living in a small town. Folks are kind. Whether it’s help with snow removal, a friendly wave, or home-made s’mores left on our doorstep – we have been shown time and time again, that we are very lucky to be where we are.

I think that June Cleaver would feel at home here. I know I do. It’s funny though… some folks would never be happy living in a house like mine. They are far too worried about square footage and attached garages.

Our house is certainly small by modern standards. You won’t find any vaulted ceilings or “Great Rooms” here. You know what? I don’t mind at all! I love that our “little” house is cozy and homey and call me selfish, but I also love that I don’t have a bunch of unnecessary rooms to clean!

Our house has character. There are nooks and crannies and quirks and oddities that only an older house can boast. We aren't decorators, but we know what we like. Our furniture doesn't always match. Most of what we have is a combination of worn (though comfy) pieces, mixed in with a few antiques. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the fact that when you walk into our home, you won’t mistake it for anyone else’s. Every piece of furniture has a story. Every wall color is there because we like it, not because it’s the trendy shade of the moment.

Is our home or our neighborhood perfect? Well, no. Of course not. But are they perfect for our little family?

Having Dan and Willie here with me is what truly makes this house a home of course. We could (and would) be happy anywhere, but it's hard to imagine being anywhere else. There is promise here. There is a future here. There is a lovely now here - a now we fill with work and play and laughter and hope and faith.
Maybe we all need to remind ourselves occasionally of just how blessed we are right now in this moment. Even when times are tough, health is shaky, finances are tight...there is always something to be thankful for, to be happy about. Sometimes I think we just have to remind ourselves to enjoy each and every second - just where we are.

I hope you find your place in the world to be just as wonderful as we find ours. I hope we can all appreciate the nowness of it all. Time passes so very quickly. I think that we should strive to enjoy this moment as it is. That may not always be easy, but I think it's worth the effort.
The now is wonderful and the future bright on our little street. It’s bright and it’s beautiful and it's HOME.


  1. That was so lovely to read! ;-)
    I live in a 1950s house which, like yours. is not big or grand.
    I love my home too. It's warm and has a homely feel.
    A home is what you make it eh?

  2. Love this post - so true! I love our own little nook of the world too:)

  3. Hi Christy!

    Thank you so much for popping by and leaving such a lovely comment. It was such a surprise. I will follow you too!

    Zoe xxxx

  4. Thanks for reminding us to be mindful of our blessings:-) Our first home was a small split level, but boy it was cozy and just right. My children always say they loved that house and neighborhood more than our last two which were much bigger.

  5. Thanks for such a lovely, thought provoking post. Houses in the UK tend to be far smaller than those in the USA, but it is a question of being happy with what you have. Home is most definitely where the heart is.xx

  6. Thanks to all for the lovely comments!

  7. Christy, you never fail to make me smile! Bang on, life is what we make of it, enjoy to the max.

  8. I love this post and feel the same way about my 1968 ranch home with a one car garage. I have no interest in "moving up".




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