So much "To Do"

There is a magical and lengthy “To Do” list that exists only in my head. It grows as I am inspired by new ideas or reminded of old ones. It may retract a bit when life gets hectic. Depending on the weather, supplies on hand, or my mood - some items get added and others dropped. On any given day my project list (if ever written down) might look nothing like the one that came before or the one that would follow.

It doesn't include the necessities of everyday life. There are always going to be holey socks to mend, cakes to bake and books to read. Those daily "gotta be done" tasks do not warrant placement on this particular mental agenda. Instead, this checklist is filled with crafty projects that allow my inner artist to come out and play.

In, what now, seems like another life – I earned a Bachelors degree in Art & Design. Though I no longer make sculptures, sketch with charcoal or paint with oils, I do try to stay in touch with my Artsy side. Since my day job as a technical writer for a large insurance company doesn't allow much room for any creative outlet; I need these extra activities to express myself and/or to retain my sanity. (only half kidding)

I learned early on in art school, that I was not one of the truly gifted folks who would someday be hosting gallery openings or have work hung in museums.

But I am crafty.

I like to dabble in this and that. I love learning new things and experimenting with different materials and techniques. As the old saying goes, I am a “Jack of all trades, the master of none.” I love quilting, needlework and sewing. I love scrap-booking, drawing, and making greeting cards. I like variety and I'm a whiz at multi-tasking, so at any given time I am in the middle of a few projects at once.

And I'm constantly inspired to embark on yet another. Sometimes I’ll come across a scrap of fabric that immediately says to me, “Curtains” or “Tote Bag”. Or maybe I’ll be browsing through a magazine and see an interesting wall hanging that I feel compelled to duplicate… or we’ll be roaming through a flea market and I’ll see an item that intrigues me. I’ll say something like, “Ooooh, I think I can do THAT!”. And my husband responds by muttering good-naturedly about all of the other projects I’m in the middle of… and I pretend to ignore him of course.

Right at the top of my current list is: hand sewing an apron (almost done & will share more when I am), planning a wool patch-work quilt (hope to complete in time to use next winter), and learning to crochet (I want to make an afghan - eventually).

I say all that, to say this: You can expect some crafty/sewing/quilting posts in the coming weeks and months. I'll be sharing my experiences (both good and bad) as I work on my list (or the current version of it anyway).

Photo: An Embroidery pattern from Perfect Little Stitches


  1. I think it is SO important for us to hang onto that spark that makes you 'you'...and to indulge in the creative side. There's no telling where it will lead you, and gives such satisfaction. Best of luck with your crafts and that 'to do' list! I have one of those too that never, ever ends...

  2. Thank you for starting to follow my blog! I hope I can keep you entertained :D

    I used to have the quilt book in your previous post. Wish I knew what I did with the darn thing; there is some good stuff in that book. If I remember right, it was one of the first quilt books I bought.

    And I love Golden Books as well! I like to pick up the old ones at the thrift store. I think we have a lot in common.



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