Food Day

Tomorrow my department is having a "food day" in honor of Valentines Day, and a few new team members, and also the fact that we enjoy eating food.... all day long.

For those of you who don't spend 8 plus hours in a cubicle each day, a "Food Day" is often the highlight of an office work-week. It's a mini pot luck, often with a theme, which allows the usually sedentary to remain sedentary while also ingesting ludicrous amounts of calories. And I'm not talking about good calories - a typical food day does not include apples or carrots.

In some ways preparing for a food day reminds me of childhood birthday parties at school. Your Mom could bring in treats at the end of the day and everyone would sing "Happy Birthday". If you were lucky (I was!) you had a Mom who could make really good treats. What to bring would be the subject of many pre-birthday conversations. It seemed like an important decision at the time - confetti cupcakes with pink frosting? or Chocolate Chip cookies? Usually (in my house anyway) cupcakes won out. And with that in mind, I have decided to take some as my contribution for tomorrow's food day.

Valentines cupcakes need to be cute and tasty and have some pink or red incorporated... so I've decided on Red Velvet, with cream cheese frosting of course! I have a wonderful red velvet cake recipe in my Sylvia cookbook, but because it's a work-night, and I'm feeling lazy.... I'm going to use a mix. I know that's not the cool thing to do, and I know they won't taste as good, but they will work out fine for this particular event.

Mmmmm, Red Velvet batter...

And the finished cupcakes...

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  1. Cute!

    For some reason bringing cupcakes to my office means that you're making an announcement that you're expecting. It doesn't matter if the cupcakes are pink and blue or Hannah Montana! We get a lot of brownies



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