So this is me...

Who am I? My name is Christy. I’m the 30something wife to Dan and mother to an adorable toddler Willie. Dan and I both have jobs we enjoy, a cozy little home we love and a wonderful extended family. Over the years our friends have scattered, but distance doesn’t weaken the bond we share with each of them.

I’m passionate about my son and husband. They make my world go round. We love spending quiet evenings at home or noisy ones at sporting events. I love to read, though with a toddler that’s not always an easy task. I am crafty. Dan balances the checkbook. I love garage sales. Dan shops on eBay. I watch General Hospital. Dan plays video games. We take turns cooking and doing the dishes. We love playing with our son more than anything else. We have fun together. We watch cartoons even when the baby is sleeping. We laugh at silly inside jokes. We do not feel as old as we are.

We aren’t rich. We aren’t movie star beautiful. We have faults. We should go on a diet.

We have hopes and dreams. We have each other. We are wicked happy….

So what will my blog be about? My penchant for bargain hunting? My love of ice cream that often handily beats out my desire to lose weight? My husband’s love of baseball? My son’s silly antics? His milestones? Family vacations? Dirty laundry? Fate?

Yes to all… eventually. You’ll have to be patient with me as I get this ball rolling.

For now, sit back and relax. Take a sip of hot chocolate. Curl up next to your sweetie pie and count your blessings. I bet if you think about it…. your life is pretty amazing too.

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  1. I'm so excited that you have started writing. You have always been so talented and I hope this is a baby step to your children's book!!! Love you!



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