I Wanna be a Cowboy.... says Willie?

A few weeks ago, as Dan was reviewing the Christmas presents I'd purchased for our little guy, he asked,

"When exactly did Willie mention to you that he wants to be a cowboy?"

The question was dripping with playful sarcasm. We both know Will is more likely to say "Juice" or "Daddy" than anything else. He's certainly not up to sentences yet... but I'd decided that even though he couldn't express the desire with words, he clearly wanted to be my little buckaroo!

Yesterday we had our first family Christmas celebration (there will be a couple more before month's end). We had a wonderful time visiting with family and eating yummy food. We opened a few presents (including Willie's new cowboy hat, boots from Uncle David, a little Sherriff's vest that I'd made for him with scraps, and a stick horse.

So we watched with interest to see how he'd respond. He loved his new boots right off the bat, didn't mind the vest, was leery of the hat at first (though he's warming to it now) and loved the stick horse. The horse however, turned out to be a very bad idea - at least for now. Willie couldn't decide it it was a broom or a club... After a few close calls with various family members, we quickly decided it would need to be retired for a while.

We all know that it was me who wanted my little guy to be a cowboy. Willie is pretty easy to please and would have liked anything at all. I couldn't help myself though. When I think of little boys... I think of ponies and bicycles, dirt and bruises, tree houses and swimming pools, astronauts and cowboys. I suppose since I'm not a mom of 50 years ago, I'll have to eventually add in video games and Spongebob... but for now I'm enjoying my little cowboy just as he is.

And if I'd had any doubts at all...they went away this morning. My little guy (all decked out in his western gear) was sitting at his little table, enjoying a snack. I put his "Woody" doll (from the "Toy Story" movies) in the other chair. Willie looked at Woody for a minute, touched his own hat as if to say, "Howdy" to his little friend, and then he got out of his chair, walked over to Woody and pressed a little cracker to the doll's lips. After "feeding" his friend, he looked up at me and smiled...then got back in his chair to finish his grub.

Aw, what a sweetheart!

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