Solitude....sort of

Other than the occasional settling sounds that come for free with a house this old... it is quiet. My sweet little angel is sound asleep in his cozy little crib, blankie clutched tight. My hubby is out of the house for the moment. The quiet is odd in a way. There is usually (almost always) something going on...some baby chatter or the sound of Dan digging in the fridge or the din of the tv. The quiet is odd to me, but I find that I like it tonight. There is a serenity enveloped in the silence that is much appreciated after a long and somewhat hectic work week.

I have the house to myself for this small block of time. The options seem endless... I could clean. I could watch some tv. I could work out. I could eat ice cream and listen to Christmas Carols. I could go to sleep early or take a bubble bath.

Hmmm What will it be?

I'm thinking some internet time followed by ice cream and tv will win. I am weak (for the ice cream) and the series finale of "Monk" is on tonight. I've always enjoyed that show. Maybe I'll take some time to write my Grandma a letter later. She's a sweetie and I love writing to her.

Tomorrow young Master Willie and I will drive to see my parents for a short visit. It should be a wonderful day filled with quality family time and fellowship. My folks live on a little farm. Willie loves it there. He enjoys tromping through the grass, chasing the cats and looking at the birds. He'll squeal and giggle and point and chatter and run in circles until he's exhausted.

That's the best kind of noise I think... the happy chaos that surrounds a bubbly baby. Suddenly the quiet isn't so wonderful, and I find myself really looking forward to the morning when my little prince wakes me up for the day, and we can have some Mommy/Willie time together.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

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