Random Tidbits

My Favorite word: plethora

My Least Favorite word: sorry

Dream Job: stay at home Mom w/ live-in housekeeper

What I need in the morning? the Hubs, Baby Will & caffeine

Good noises: my baby’s giggles, Sinatra, the rustling of leaves on a breezy fall day

Not such good noises: breaking glass, a ringing phone at 2am, the thump of a flat tire

Favorite meal: my Momma’s home-made biscuits and gravy

Second Favorite meal: Grandma B’s Mazetti with hot buttered rolls

I collect: Character glasses from the 70s & 80s, pink Depression Glass, wrinkles...

What I wish I had more of: strength, courage & time with my family

What I wish I had less of: foot-in-mouth disease

Addictions: politics, caffeine, & British pop music

The smells I love the most: Willie’s hair, Ivory soap, freshly brewed coffee

And the ones I don’t love at all: poopy diapers, watermelon, cooked cabbage

Favorite Christmas Song: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Guilty Pleasures: salt & vinegar chips, George Michael, Dr Who (the ninth in particular)

I love shopping for: books I won’t have time to read, and hats I’ll never wear

I don’t love shopping for: jeans or doctors

Pet Peeves: Folks who yell at their children, closed signs, pretentious dolts

Favorite Place to be: with Dan & Wills… geography is irrelevant if they are with me

Dreams: many & varied

Regrets: none at all

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