While Dan was out of town, Willie and I drove south to see my folks for the day yesterday. We started out early (6am) because when my little guy noticed that his Daddy wasn't home, he turned into a tiny terror. I figured a couple hours in a car seat might mellow him out a bit. I was right.

Visiting my folks is always fun for us. They have a cozy little farm house on a small acreage. My Dad calls himself a "hobby farmer" which means he has a full time job elsewhere, but also putters around on his tractor & raises small animals in his spare time. My Mom is a retired nurse and spends her time now as a "domestic engineer" and church volunteer. They've been married for almost 40 years and still act like newlyweds. In a world dominated by divorce and unhappy homes, they are an example of when marriage can work...and work very well.

When we got there on Saturday Willie was on hyper-overdrive from the moment he stepped foot in their little house. He discovered a short step that went from the laundry room into the kitchen. He spent half of his time just going up and down that step, giggling and clapping. When he wasn't playing on the step, he was exploring every nook and cranny, playing with toys, or just running around. Occasionally he would stop to have a snack or dance to a song on the radio, but for the most part he was constantly moving and having a wonderful time.

My parents aren't spring chickens anymore, but when they are around Willie they get a jolt of youthful energy that is truly a joy to watch. My Dad will get down on the floor and drive toy cars or play with little plastic animals. Mom will sing songs to Will and dance with him. Sometimes watching them together brings me to the brink of happy tears. There is a really amazing feeling of everything coming full circle when I see my parents with my son. Regardless of what is going on in the world, everything that matters is exactly as it should be...

When we came home, Willie was very upset to see his Daddy's vehicle was still not parked in its usual space. He calmed down after a bit, but wasn't his usual self until Dan pulled in a couple hours later. Having Dan at home again was a relief for us both. We really missed him while he was gone yesterday, and were so glad that we were able to spend today together as a family.

Happiness is having both of my guys right here with me.

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