Losing My Mind

Hubby tends to roll his eyes when I blame pregnancy for my utter lack of concentration lately, but I’m convinced that’s the source of my absent mindedness.

The little sweetie pie growing in my belly is draining my brain.

Yesterday (while trying to drive three blocks to an appointment with our insurance agent) I made a wrong turn twice and (after circling the block) missed the final turn-off completely. By the time Hubby called to say he’d taken care of everything and we could just meet at home – I was stuck in traffic – going the wrong way – and on the verge of tears.

I do not like feeling like this.

You see, I’m usually able to complete simple tasks like driving three blocks without getting lost. I don’t usually tell the same exact story multiple times to the same person (this is typical lately). I realized last night that I hadn’t yet bothered to tell anyone that we’re having a birthday party for Little Guy in a few weeks. I usually like to warn everyone in advance in case there are scheduling conflicts. Hubby has assured me that the “save the date” email I sent this morning will tide everyone over till the invites go out in the mail….the invites which I haven’t started making yet.

I have less than two months left, and I’m hoping that when our dear Baby Boy is born, my ability to think clearly will return. I miss it so.

Until then…don’t be shy. If my shoes don’t match – tell me. If you see me wandering aimlessly – show me the way.  If you think I’ve lost my mind – it’s because I have, so just be nice…and maybe bring ice cream.


  1. Sometimes I feel like my mind and my attention span are gone forever!

  2. I feel that my placenta's must have contained my brain cells - and they binned them! You doi get used to the fuzzy state of confusion, and then you hit 50 and it gets worse!!!! Are we going to be treated to a picture of your tummy? xxx

  3. If I find you wandering around aimlessly I WILL be worried! Um, just HOW did you get to the UK? Louise from 'Sprinkle of Glitter' calls it baby brain!
    Me? I'm just suffering from 'menopausal madness'!
    Z xx



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