Tulip Time

Last weekend Hubby, Little Guy and I took a day trip to Pella Iowa for their annual Tulip festival. Pella is not a large town, but they take this opportunity to show off their Dutch roots and their amazing gardens of Tulips.

My guys treated me to this day of flowery entertainment for Mother’s Day. How sweet is that? Though I certainly had the most fun, I think they both ended up enjoying themselves too.

Everywhere we went, locals were dressed in period costumes and wearing wooden shoes. The fragrance of Dutch pastry wafted out of two sweet little bakeries on the town square, and we made a point of stopping for Dutch Letters before heading home. We didn’t stay for the parade, but did take part in various other activities and generally had a lovely day.

Below are some photographic highlights of our day in Pella.

This large windmill overlooks the town.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

Red Tulips - Do they get any lovlier than this??  Well maybe, but these are really great.

It's hard to tell here, but the color contrast was very striking.

Little Guy, taking time to smell the Tulips...

A lovely look at part of one of the gardens.

I think these were called "Sensual Beauty" or something along those lines...really lovely.

Probably my favorite picture of the day.  He was really having a great time!

Not Tulips obviously, but the blossoms on this tree were just amazing.  I'd love one of these beauties in my front yard.  Any idea what it is???

Last, but certainly not least....my edible treat for the day: A Dutch Letter.  YUM!

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