Fire Safety OOPS

I haven’t begun to “nest” yet. If you were to peek into the nursery, you’d see evidence of just how much I should be nesting (boxes stacked everywhere & hardly anything where it needs to be in just a couple months).

One thing that has been bothering me lately however, has been home safety, so I decided to check our fire extinguishers. We have two. One was Dan’s before we were married. Though five years old, it still has a good charge. The other one we have was there when we bought the house, and hangs in the stairwell to our basement. I took a look at it… and well, you might say that I was surprised.

From a distance....

and zooming in for an eye-opening close-up!!
Yikes!! This fire extinguisher was last charged two years before I was born! Needless to say, a new fire extinguisher became something I very much wanted. My parents just happened to ask me later that same day what we might want for an anniversary gift. I told them I’d like to replace our fire extinguisher. They chuckled a bit (not exactly what they’d had in mind), but said they could certainly do that. And they did. So, now we have a spanking new one hanging where the old one was. I was even able to re-use the old bracket. That’s one feature that was better with the older model. It’s largely made of metal. The new one was 100% plastic, and just didn’t look very durable to me.

Brand NEW!!!
So, now I can breathe a little easier knowing that’s taken care of. The next item on my list? Well other than organizing the nursery of course (haha)…is to get a carbon monoxide detector. There’s such a wide variety of those, and I’m doing some research before making a final decision on brand/model. Any suggestions?

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