Minneapolis Mini-Vacation - Day Three

We checked out of our hotel after a lazy morning of cartoons and conversation.

We took a scenic drive around some of the lakes (so that Little Guy could get a nice nap before we got to the game), and then headed downtown.

We parked and ate lunch at the Hard Rock Café. It was fun (I’ve been a Hard Rock Café fan since high school, and this was one I hadn’t been to yet. While there, Little Guy started singing the Sunday School song “The B.I.B.L.E.” and we joked that it might have been the first time such a song was sung there. The food was good and when we were finished we headed for Target Field.

We are big baseball fans, and go to as many games as we can. Though our favorite team (Boston Red Sox) was not in town, we still had fun watching the game we went to (Twins vs. Indians). Don’t ask me who won. Little Guy was getting pretty tired (ie grouchy) and we left during the fourth inning. Even though we didn’t watch the entire game, we still had a nice day and perfect weather.

After leaving the stadium, we headed home to relax and unpack and sleep in our own cozy beds.


  1. Love the Hard Rock Cafe - loving your posts. xxx

  2. Oh boy! I am SO enjoying my, sorry, your vacation!
    It just looks and sounds like you are having the best time ever. Can I come on the next one please?
    Thanks for sharing,
    Z xx



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