I'm Still Here...Just Tired

so I haven't been washing clothes by hand,
but some days it feels like I have been...
 If you are wondering where I've been lately... here's a quick glimpse:

My fantastic Hubby and lovely Little Guy took me on vacation over Memorial Day to see my Grandma and other extended family in Kentucky. It was a long trip, but worth every minute of pregnancy-related travel discomfort. I’ll share more on that trip later this week.

We finished the Baby’s room! Hurrah! The furniture is in place, the curtains are hung, the closet is organized with all those adorable tiny clothes and the itty bitty diapers are stacked in their sorter. This is a small thing really, but it sure meant a lot to mark it off the old "to do" list. We’re ready whenever our new sweetie pie wants to join us.

Though his birthday is truly at the end of next month, we are having a birthday party for Little Guy this Saturday. Next month will be busy enough with the arrival of Baby Boy, and we want to make sure LG gets as much fun and attention as he can before he has to start sharing the spotlight. I still have some general cleaning to do around the house, and will be baking/decorating the cake. Otherwise, we’re almost ready. Little Guy certainly is, but then he’s been a bit obsessed with his birthday for a few months now. We’ll do something small on his true big day too.

Oh, and I’m kind of exhausted. That’s really the biggest reason I’ve been absent from the blososphere. It isn’t that I haven’t had things to say….just no energy left over to say them. This pregnancy is really kicking my energy level to the curb! After the craziness of this week however, I should be able to get back in my usual groove (I hope). We shall see.

I promise to post at least some short bits throughout the week. Hope you are doing well.

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