Early Birthday Festivities

This was the poster that we hung
on the front door to greet out guests.
Little Guy will be turning three in late July. However, since we are expecting his younger brother to arrive in July as well…we decided to have LG’s 3rd birthday party in June.

Saturday was our big day.

We let him pick out the theme, which was trains. I made the invitations (though didn’t take a picture – oops). They turned out pretty cute, I think. I used scrapbook paper to assemble a train on the front, and put a vintage looking picture of Little Guy inside (wearing his engineer outfit of course). We decorated with balloons and bunting and a train poster for the front door.

We kept our guest list small, only inviting Grandparents, uncles and aunts. Little Guy chose the menu “Pizza and breadsticks”. We added salad to the offerings, but in hindsight LG had the right idea. The pizza was quickly devoured, but we’ll be eating salad all week.

I baked the cakes (two 9x13” pans, sat side by side) and then carved the 3 out. The cake itself was brilliant blue – per LG’s request. I froze the carved cake before decorating, which I will always recommend if you are frosting a carved cake. Those ‘crumby’ edges can be pretty frustrating. I topped the cake with Thomas the Train and his two coaches. I love using toys as cake toppers, since they double as décor and playtime fun. We ate our blue cake with a side of chocolate ice cream (another birthday boy request).

the 3 cake

He wanted to blow out candles this year, but I had
to hold his hands while he did that... he wanted to
grab the train off the cake before we got the pictures!

The party was a great success! LG had a wonderful time surrounded by those who love him most, and he was quite the entertainer. He gave everyone a tour of the house, showing off the baby’s room, and his own.

In addition to the outpouring of love and affection showered upon him by family; he received an array of wonderful presents and cards. There were (among other things), some toys, fun puzzles, little dishes (that he can really use in the kitchen), an art easel and accessories, and a Thomas the Train pillow! What a lucky little boy we have, and what a wonderful early birthday party.

When the last guests had left, he turned to me and said, “Aw Mom, I miss my family”. How cute is that??

Birthday Boy with his cake...  If you look closely, his
little brother is kind of in the picture as well.


  1. The cake turned out wonderful! :) And your sweet baby-soon-to-be-born looks good on you.

    Glad it was all a success!



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