Jewelry Design (52 Week Challenge - Week ???)

A while back I joined the challenge put forth by the Thrify Mrs. She and a friend concocted a goal of making 52 things in 52 weeks. The guidelines were pretty open. You just need to make things you enjoy, and which aren’t part of your usual repertoire.

I know you thought I’d completely given up on this whole Challenge project, but no! I have been making things left and right. The blogging about it is where I’ve failed miserably.

So anyway, a few weeks ago my awesome hubby brought me a box full of costume jewelry which he had bought (sight unseen) via an eBay auction. He knows how I love to dig through racks of necklaces at sales, and thought I might enjoy finding a treasure. He had paid $10 for the whole box, and within it were probably 30 pieces. Many were not my taste at all – a little too gaudy, a little too weird, not in great condition… but there were a handful that I adored.

One necklace in particular was an instant favorite, except for one thing. The chain was a heavy silver the shade of steel. Instead of a clasp in the back, the two ends of the chain were held together with a little ring which hung down the front. The thing I didn’t like was that at the end of each side hung a big silvery acorn thing. I am so sorry that I didn’t take a picture of it in that state – I can’t adequately describe how odd it looked.

Anyway, I knew that I liked the idea of the necklace and I loved the weight of it. I just wanted something new to hang in place of the acorns. I went to a local craft store and found a wide array of jewelry making stuff. I picked out a silver locket, a silver bluebird, and a silver “W” (Little Guy’s first initial).

Here’s what I ended up with. I apologize for the photo quality.

My favorite part? Little Guy calls the locket a “Willie Book”. He opens it up, points at his picture, says “WILLIE” and then closes the locket and says, “the end!” How cute is that? Haha

Challenge Summary: Week Four
Ever done this before? Nope
Do I love it? Yes I do!! I’ve had lots of compliments too.
Material Cost: Hubby bought the box of jewelry for me. I paid under $10 for the various bits to hang from the chains.
Time Spent: maybe an hour
Success - Yes or No? YES!


  1. "Willie Book" - so cute and so apt! It is very, very pretty, you clever girl. Clever hubby too, tracking down that ebay item!
    Z xx



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