Why This Bluebird Sings (Holiday Edition)

You know about the people I love. Now you can learn about the stuff I love as well.

In no particular order… here are the holiday cherries on the top of this week’s wickedhappy sundae:

What I’m Listening to: Christmas carols of course! One of our local radio stations has already started to play them 24/7 and I couldn’t be happier. My favorite Christmas song: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”. Can’t explain why, but it’s been my favorite since childhood.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Scrumptious holiday meals served by loving family members. My Dad reading the Christmas Story before we open presents at my parents’ house. Little Guy helping to decorate holiday cookies. Taking him sledding. Quiet nights snuggled under quilts, watching old Christmas specials on TV. Time spent with family making memories.

What I’m Remembering: The Reason for the Season! Our old toboggan – no sled was faster! Precious time spent with loved ones who are no longer with us. Making paper chains with my folks when I was a little girl. My Mom’s blueberry pie. Making home-made doughnuts on Christmas morning (an old tradition in my family). Just how very blessed I am in so many ways.

What I'm Wishing for You:  A very happy holiday season filled with love and laughter and happiness.

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  1. My brother and I used to get SO excited about making paper chains! So simple yet such fun.



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