The Spice of Life

The other day I decided it was time to organize our spice cabinet. This decision may, or may not have been due to bottles tumbling out willy-nilly the last time I opened the cupboard, but I digress.
It’s not really a spice cabinet. It’s just a big portion of the top shelf of our old Hoosier Cabinet that we have designated for spice storage. Hubby and I both love to cook and bake, and we both have an affinity for spices. So, we have a lot. My personal favorite spice shopping destination is The Spice House in Milwaukee WI. Walking into that store is like going back in time, and the fragrance that hits you at the door is amazing! Unfortunately we don’t get over to Milwaukee all that often. We have found that another (similar though not quite as awesome) place to buy good spices is Penzey’s. There is a Penzey’s within driving distance of our home, so it’s where we now buy the bulk of our spices.

Sometimes we go to a spice store just for fun, and even if we have no intention (or need) to buy anything new. Places like The Spice House and Penzey’s offer you something that your local grocery market won’t – smells. Every spice they offer is displayed next to an apothecary jar of the same spice. Sniffing our way through the spice store is a lot of fun for us. We evaluate each new spice, appreciate the old standards and plan imaginary menus around new dishes we are suddenly inspired to try. It’s good fun, and if we are careful – it’s also fairly cheap entertainment.

Where do you shop for spices?

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  1. I LOVE Penzeys. Nothing like that here...:( Everyone here uses Adobo seasoning. I've been using that a lot lately, but the high blood pressure has been making me think creatively about spices. So fun! Love it!



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