So, my parents bought a donkey.

Initially the justification seemed to have something to do with Little Guy and how much he might enjoy seeing one in real life, and maybe eventually even go for a ride. They were right. Our son does indeed love the donkey.

Her name is Lucinda (named after a lovely little book that my Dad had as a child, and which I have now in my collection of children’s books). Real Life Lucinda is a pale grey and noisy and altogether entertaining.

My folks live on a little acreage and have space for a creature such as this one. Dad did have to modify one of his out buildings a bit, but overall it worked perfectly.

We went to their place for a visit this weekend. We petted her and led her around the yard a little bit. We had lots of fun.

Here are some photos of the lovely Lucinda:

Lucinda with Dad
and with Mom



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