Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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Yesterday we officially changed pediatricians for Little Guy. This will probably sound silly, but I feel really bad about saying Goodbye to Dr. R.

We like this doctor. We like him a lot.

When I was a nervous wreck of a new mother, and called his cell phone at 10pm, he answered and calmed me down. When Little Guy had a terrible rash on a weekend, Dr R opened his office on a Sunday in a blizzard to check our sweetie out. He made an opening for us each and every time I called for a last minute appointment. He took extra time to talk with us at every visit. We always knew he genuinely cared.

But then he moved his practice.

His new office is in the downtown part of our city. We live in a suburb, and the drive to his new location is not quick or easy. He now practices in the county hospital. The folks there have always been very nice to us, and we certainly have continued to receive excellent care from Dr R, but the drive was driving me crazy.

Instead of zipping to an appointment over a lunch hour, I’ve been having to use vacation half-days for check-ups. With Little Guy in and out of the doctor’s office this summer, those days have been piling up. We’d suspected we would eventually seek out a new doctor, and with winter coming (and the winters have been ugly here lately), this seemed like the right time. I hate to drive long distances in snow and ice.

We found a new doctor for Little Guy who comes highly recommended, has an office just over a mile from our home, and has extended hours (open till 8pm most nights). I’m excited to start going to her, but sad about leaving Dr. R.

I wrote him a letter, telling him how much we appreciate all he’s done and that we are only switching because of the distance. Writing it made me misty eyed. That’s kind of pathetic right? I couldn’t help it.

It felt like a break-up, or like losing an old & dear friend – and that’s certainly something I hate to do.

Best of luck to Dr R. We’ll always be grateful that he was Little Guy’s first pediatrician.


  1. I feel like that about certain medical practioners too; and I don't have kiddies.. I've always hated having to change dentists as for the most part I've been really lucky, only one dodgy one I can recall. And the one we had when I was at school in Devon. He was a bit of a horror. Most times I could see my regular one in the holidays, but there was one occasion that couldn't wait. He could've put you off going to a dentist for Life!!
    Many thanks for all your kind comments. I do appreciate them.
    Z xx

  2. I hope your new doc is ok - I stuck with my first doctor until he was so senile he was a danger!!! xxx



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