Happily Ever After... And a Donkey

Today my Mom and Dad celebrate 38 years of wedded bliss. They offer Hubby & I a very wonderful example of how a marriage can work, and work well. These days, happy unions seem to be in the minority, so it is very refreshing to see a successful one. They’ve had their ups and downs (who hasn’t?), but they have always persevered. Maybe it is their faith. Maybe it is their unwavering love. Maybe it is just plain stubbornness. Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. Whatever it is, I can only hope I’ve inherited their ability to always work things out. (so far, so good!)

For their anniversary I usually try to give them something unexpected or home-made (or both). Typically, these gifts are a little bit corny or silly (okay, almost always). My family is a bit corny and silly though, so it works.

This year I’ve been dabbling in making softy toys. Recently I came across a pattern for a donkey. It was in an old 1970s craft book that I found at a garage sale. I wasn’t sure if it would turn out or not, but wanted to give it a try. I knew that if it was cute enough, I’d have to give it to my parents, as they are now the proud owners of Lucinda the donkey.

I have a stash of wool yardage, and one bit in particular is a lovely shade of grey that I thought would be perfect. For her mane, I used the blue yarn left over from when I made my Grandma’s Afghan. I cut out the pieces as directed, and then struggled a little bit with how to assemble them (not the greatest of instructions). Once I’d figured that out, she came together easily. I made a little blanket out of some leftover fleece and felt. Her bridle was made from a little scrap of trim that had been buried in a box of sewing notions we found at an auction. So, as with most of my little projects, she cost very little to make. In fact, the only true cost was what we spent at the printers, expanding the pattern to the correct size.

She’s about a foot tall, and though not perfect - I am very proud of the final result. I think I’ll be using this pattern again for sure. I gave her to my parents on Saturday while we were visiting them, and they were tickled with the gift. So the project was, in my opinion, a braying success.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!  I love you guys.  :)

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  1. That is one cut cuddly toy! And probably better house-trained that the real macoy! Mind you, it must be great to have the real Lucinda, and what fun for Little Man!
    My very best wishes to your parents. It is indeed an awe-inspiring thing these days for a marriage to last any length of time...don't know why; but what a great thing to celebrate.
    Z xx



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