Lucky me - I was able to spend today with my little guy instead of working at my day job! Will had a doctor's appointment, and it just seems easier sometimes to take the whole day rather than leave early. Besides, we had a wonderful day together! Will is such a doll, how could it not be wonderful?

But I digress....

Today I was reminded of how two people can look at the exact same thing or place and see it in a vastly different way.

Before taking Wills to his Pediatrician we dropped in at my office (calling it "my office" isn't quite right...my domain is limited to a little cubicle within said office). I take him in periodically because I like to show him off, but also because he enjoys exploring. My hard working peers enjoy it too (I hope) as they can take a few minutes away from the daily grind to enjoy a smiling toddler.

And smile he did! We rode in an elevator with glass walls that overlooked a busy hall. He squealed in delight as the floor sunk below us. I stopped him just short of hitting the emergency button, but otherwise the elevator ride was good. Once on my floor, we went from desk to desk saying hello. My son loves technology and the office is filled to overflowing with monitors, keyboards, printers and fax machines. It's techie-Will heaven! And some of the folks I work with let him sit on their laps and tap on the keys for a bit. He, of course, LOVES this. When he wasn't pretending to "work" he was snacking on some sweet treats that were offered (and happily accepted).

When it was time to go, I had a heart broken little boy. As we walked to the car, he wailed and pointed at the building, clearly wanting to go back in. I had to chuckle a bit, thinking how I was more likely to cry on the way IN.

That's when it hit me. When I think of my workplace, I think of meetings and deadlines and project plans. I think of getting up early, braving the weather, and wishing for Fridays. Don't get me wrong. I actually enjoy my job, but it is just a job after all.

Willie, on the other hand, thinks of my office as a place where joy lurks around the corner of every cubicle, where there are computers enough for everyone, people are always smiling and sharing treats. It's a place with a fun elevator and desk chairs that spin in circles. It's a playground full of wonderful surprises for a curious and friendly little boy.

So on Monday I'm going to try an experiment. I'm going to walk into that office and approach my work day with an open mind. I will try not to forget how magical the typically mundane can be - IF looked at just the right way.

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  1. btw, I love laura ingalls wilder too. I grew up on those books. (i'm 42) I used to daydream that I was laura sitting in the storage with the vegetables and fruits when she lived in the big woods, etc. I so wanted to be her! I tried to get my four daughters to follow the books but they never quite enjoyed them the way I did. Nice blog.



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