New Look

I was unhappy with the header/banner choices I'd come across for my blog... so I dug down deep into my art school background and decided to set up a few still-life arrangements for some pics. My favorite now graces the top of my blog. Runners up are shown below:

I like this one (I have a thing for buttons), but the words were hard to read.

I like the idea behind this one... the buttons, the bolts of bright fabric, my old recipe box, my favorite chicken "Louise"... but it was too "busy".

This one includes a few of my cookbooks and a tiny S&P that I always enjoy, but I felt that this one also just had too much going on.
so in the end I spread out some of the bright fabric (left over from when I reupholstered our kitchen chairs) and topped it with the buttons and Scrabble tiles. I'm sure it won't be my last new header, but its one I'm happy with for now.

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