When my baby Wills looks at me with those big beautiful eyes, smiles his cutie-pie smile and says "Mama", there is just nothing I won't do for him.

I've been a Mom for almost a year and a half, but sometimes I take one look at him and it's like it is all brand new again.

Who knew a heart could feel so full? All the other Moms in the world, I imagine.

Tonight Dan and went to a hockey game with an old college buddy. While he was away, Willie and I had the house to ourselves. We colored. We danced. We built towers out of blocks. I gave him maybe a million kisses, and he humored me by tolerating them.

At bedtime, he drifted off to sleep easily, like the little angel he is. I watch him snoring softly in his cozy crib, and I have to fight the urge to wake him up so we can play some more.

What a perfect evening... just a boy and his Mama!

I can hardly wait for tomorrow when we can start it all over again.

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  1. LOL... I can so relate! I remember constantly having to fight the urge to wake mine up just to play some more!

    He's a sweetie!



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