Keepsake Projects

Here are a few of the little things I’ve been working on lately to keep myself busy, while waiting for the arrival of our new Baby Boy:

I wanted to make the new Baby some blankets. I’ve put all of Little Guy’s special baby blankets in storage so that he can have them as keepsakes when he’s older. I want Baby Boy to also have plenty of keepsake blankets, so I’ve been on a mission. You may recall the retro rocket blanket I made a while back. Now, I’ve added a dinosaur blanket (orange flannel backing on a basic cotton print – all fabric from JoAnn’s):

And a puppy dog blanket, which I appliquéd “AJ” (Baby Boy’s initials) for a fun fold-down effect. The orange in this picture looks odd. It actually matches the orange “woof woof” printed on the fabric. This one is flannel front and back, so will be a little warmer than the dino one. (The doggy print came from JoAnn’s. The tan flannel has been in my stash forever).

In keeping with the whole keepsake theme…. I also have been re-working the much loved sock monkey from my own childhood, to give to Baby Boy. It was made for me in the 1970s by a dear family friend. This little critter survived years of love and use and moves, but just barely. I’d actually looked for it when I was pregnant with Little Guy, but had never found it. Little Guy did receive a sock monkey which was made for him by a family member (who also happens to be a dear friend) - so he didn't miss out.

By chance, I came across my old sock monkey on a recent visit to my parents’ house. He was floppy, missing lots of his yarn embellishments and needed a general freshening up. I did a little surgery on the back of his neck, added a lot more stuffing and then replaced all the red yarn that had faded or disappeared over the years. Now both of my boys have sock monkeys with great loving back stories.


I'm also putting the final touches on the quilt I'm making for Baby Boy.  I'll post pics once that is complete as well.

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  1. Wow they all look great. I especially like the dinosaur fabric.



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