Baby Boy's Arrival

He's here!! We are very excited to announce that our newest little bundle of joy is here at last. 

Baby Boy was born on Monday morning at 10am.  He's a healthy little fellow, weighing in at 8lbs 11 oz and he's 20 1/2 inches long. 

I was admitted for induction on Monday morning (largely due to the speed at which Little Guy came into this world three years ago).  Nobody wants to deliver en route to the hospital if it can be avoided, right?  That was certainly my position, and luckily my doctor agreed.  Our new baby was born just four hours after that first dose of pitocin was administered.  My first experience with childbirth had been fast and relatively easy.  The contractions weren't all that bad, and it wasn't the end of the world when I found that I'd missed the window of opportunity for an epidural. 

This time was different.  The pain was crazy bad, and I caved - asking for an epidural, and getting one - sort of.  That's where it all gets interesting.  Mid-way through the administration of the epidural, I felt the urge to push.  I don't know about other women....but when I feel the urge to push there is no time left for anything else.  However....epidurals aren't to be trifled with, so everyone was yelling at me not to move AT ALL.  This was difficult since moving was the only thing I wanted to do!  I held on for a minute (or what seemed like a year) while they got finished with the epidural.  Then - in a whirlwind of frantic nurses yelling for a doctor (mine didn't have time to make it), he was here!  A few minutes after his birth, the epidural took hold, so in hindsight...that was a bit of a waste.  Oh well. 

Our littlest sweetie is darling and wonderful and everything we hoped for.  Little Guy is smitten with "his new baby", as are we all.  We are thankful for this newest blessing in our lives, and thankful for friends, family and the amazing doctors and nurses at the hospital.  God is good, and we are so very happy!!


  1. Welcome Baby Boy! Rest well, Mom.

  2. Thrilled for you all. He is a little button. :)

  3. Yay, delighted for you! He looks like you too. x

  4. Welcome little man - he's gorgeous. I wish we had smelly blogging so I could sniff that gorgeous new baby smell. Love to you all xxxx

  5. So chuffed for you all! Glad it went OK (sort of).
    Thank you for sharing his photo with us. Cutie pie!
    Love and hugs
    Z xx

  6. Congratulations! He is beautiful!

    And isn't it funny how kids come whichever way they please - no matter our plans? :)



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