Some of us...

Some of us are blessed to be raised under the loving care of a dedicated mother.

Some of us also know the gracious love of a Grandmother… or maybe a few Grandmothers.

Some of us are lucky to marry a wonderful man who also has a wonderful mother.

Some of us get to be mothers ourselves.

I am so very thankful to have been blessed in each of these ways.

No matter if you are a mother yourself, or not.... no doubt your life has been touched by a mother (yours or someone else's). So, this Mother's Day (if you can) tell those special ladies in your life how much you appreciate them.

I want to wish a very special Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all the other Mothers in my life. It is my sincere pleasure to know and love each of you.

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  1. Hi Christy.

    You have Mothers' Day on a different day than the UK. Don't know how that happened? My mum passed away nearly 4 years ago, (she was 81, so not a bad innings!), and Mr Bs' mum passed away soon after I'd met him, so we don't tend to go "woopee", but Mr B sends me thank yous from the cats!!

    Sorry, that didn't mean to be bleak, I'm in jolly 'pink pants' mode!

    Happy Mothers Day to for Sunday.

    Big hugs,
    Z xx

  2. What a beautiful reminder. I had a wonderful mother that passed more than 30 years ago & mothers day is still tough. I am a mother & love every second of it, but being a grandmother, AH!

  3. I hope you have a great weekend and a beautiful Mother's Day.



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