Market Day

We had the pleasure of visiting an enormous outdoor flea market over the weekend. The booths and tables were scattered across a pretty large area, so we spent a lot of time walking and looking. Here are a few snippets of what we saw there:

and since you are wondering what we came away with...

We found a boatload of children's books (most are Sesame Street - a current favorite of our little guy). A few cookbooks and misc ones are in there too. I have to admit I'm a bit of a book-o-holic. "My name is Christy, and I am addicted to buying cheap books!"

We also found these two oldies. One is a home economics text book from the 1920s/30s. The other is a 1926 edition of Washington Irving's Sketch Book. Both are in pretty great shape for $1 a piece!

We love to snap up vintage toys too (we put them away for when they are age appropriate for Little Guy). I found the Lincoln Logs for $4 and Dan found the Peanuts View Finder (with a bunch of reels from the 70's) for $7. We were very excited about both of these discoveries.

THEN, I came across what was maybe my favorite find of the day. Some vintage fabric pieces in all these wonderful prints. Aren't they fun? I'm no pro, but I think the teal one with little flowers is feed sack. Not sure how to tell, so I'm going to hold on to that one until I can figure it out. The rest will be incorporated into some future project as yet unknown.

So, weren't we Lucky? What a fun FUN day (even if we did get bogged down in big ruts of fresh mud - Note that an "all terrain stroller" is not always so "all terrain").


  1. i want the lincoln logs!! i used to have some like that :-) awesome buys. i have a little alarm clock too, actually more than one ;-)

  2. Excellent purchases there! I still have my snoopy beany dog from the 70's - he is still the coolest dog around.


  3. Wow, that looks like a good haul of goodies. Wouldn't mind a 'mung' round that market myself!
    'Mung' was a word I'd never heard until I met Mr B and we moved to Southsea, where he'd lived before moving up to London. It means 'having a look', I guess. Like 'having a shufty'!
    Snoopy, Oh happy memories. Lincoln Logs I've not heard of but what a great ring to it. Sounds good, is it a bit like Lego, but logs?
    Z xx

  4. Very lucky!! I am also one for cheap books and that fabric is fab!!



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