Little People are Awesome!

I just love Little People toys (by Fisher Price). I always have. Back when I was a youngster, the little people were even littler. They were really just a head on top of a little chunk of wood (later the bodies were made of plastic, but looked the same. I never had any of these toys while I was a child, but I do remember playing with them at a friend’s house. Oh what fun!

Those lucky little armless folks had a tiny, magical world all their own. They rode the bus to school, they went to the airport and worked on the farm. They had a part time job at McDonald’s and loved the circus. They visited Sesame Street and went camping. They had a nice house and also a castle. They drove every sort of car and truck.

They did it, or had it all!

These days the Little People are bigger. They are all plastic and “cuter” than their primitive ancestors. At first I didn’t like the new version. I missed the older, smaller toys of the 70s. The new ones were too bulky, too colorful, too detailed….
But then they began to grow on me. Once we became parents, I started scoping out the Fisher Price aisle at the toy store. Gradually, I began to adore those chubby little faces and all of their updated vehicles, houses and accessories. My hope, of course, was for our little guy to enjoy playing with them too. So, with that goal in mind I began to pick them up when I found them at garage sales or cheap on eBay. Recently I found the farm - complete with two farmers, fences and a pile of little animals (for just $4). Little W has also received a few as gifts.

Now I have a nice little collection.

Oh, wait a minute. I meant to say Willie has a nice little collection. I love playing with them…no, that’s not right… HE loves playing with them.

Uh-oh. I’m afraid my secret is out. Willie does like playing with his Little People…he just doesn’t like them quite as much as Mommy does...at least not YET.

but he will!


  1. hehe, I am glad you are having so much fun!!! I had the garage - which my baby brother jammed up with a car stuck in the elevator, the plane and the school house - and all those little people! so cool - thanks for some brilliant memories!


  2. I just came across this one.....I LOVED Little People as a kid.....and my Mom kept most of the originals so my kids get to play too! Let's hear it for toys of yesteryear!

  3. I'm in love with the vintage little people myself. Have some of the new ones though too.

    I have great memories of playing with the vintage ones with my siblings when my mom got all the sets out around Christmas vacation. My kids play with those when they go to my parent's house. And my mom said she got many at garage sales for $0.05 a piece!?

    But I have picked up all of the sets and little people that I have from garage sales. Except this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62575375/sale-vintage-fisher-price-western-town that was given to me when I was a child for Christmas one year. My mom has given me some extras she has too to add to my collection. I have contemplated buying some on eBay and Etsy but it seems like the hunt for unique ones at garage sales is what I love the most.

    I really am in love with these: http://www.etsy.com/search/vintage?q=little+people+necklaces But would love to make my own, if I can ever take a drill to one...I would love to get into jewelry making.

  4. Oh Heidi, I love that western town!! Never saw that before. Wow!! I agree that searching garage sales and etc is a little more exciting than ebay, but that works too. :)



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