Winter Fun

Little Guy has been a good sport all Winter long.  We've not had very many opportunities to play in the snow (though it is one of his favorite pasttimes).  It seemed that either we had no snow, or it was too bitter cold when snow was available.  On Saturday, we had a perfect snow-play day.  The temp was cold, but not awful and there was enough snow left to make a three year old happy. We bundled up and had a wonderful time enjoying some Winter play.

The bad news?  Last night he woke up with a sneezy, snotty head cold (the first of the season).  Oh well.  I'm pretty sure he'd say it was worth it. 


  1. I think it would be worth a snotty nose to have a play day like that! Looks such good fun! I love this set of photos, so endearing!
    Z xx

  2. I was reading this post again and thought 'It doesn't take much snow to make a 52 year old happy!'.
    The night we were advised of forthcoming snow I couldn't get to sleep! It didn't fall that night, but the following one! Yippee!
    But, having said that if I have to go out and walk anywhere in it I'm hopeless. I am so worried I'm gonna fall over and break something. The joy of being little and not having that fear!
    Z xx



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