Revisiting Mr. Darcy

I’ve been going through a bit of a Jane Austen phase lately (Pride and Prejudice, in particular).  It started rather innocently enough.  I’d picked up a copy of Me and Mr. Darcy at our local discount book store, and it was a quick read.  This book is not a life changer, but it was fun and it kept me entertained while on a road trip with the family.  There is a whole world of Austen-lite fiction available.  There are prequels and sequels and based-upons.  There are stacks of re-workings, especially of Pride and Prejudice.  I’ve read a few good ones, and a few bad ones.  This particular book was okay, but I won’t tell you to run out and buy it.  The only reason I’m even mentioning that book is that the heroine in this novel kept talking about these two….

Mr. Darcy (as played by Colin Firth in the P&P BBC mini series):

and Mr. Darcy (as played by Matthew MacFayden in the Kiera Knightly P&P version):

The frequent references to these two versions of Pride and Prejudice inspired me to re-watch the DVD of the 2005 movie (oh how I love the sheer beauty of that film - it takes my breath away), and then I ordered the mini series from NetFlix and watched it too.  (I suggested Hubby might watch that one with me, but he mumbled something about pulling his eyes out with pliers, so I didn’t pester him about it).  I enjoyed watching both versions over the last week, and now think I’ll have to re-read the book as well. 

I first read Pride and Prejudice in 1987.  I was thirteen, and my Aunt Mary gave me a copy.  Even at that age, I saw the beauty in the romance between Lizzie and Darcy.  It’s one of those stories that grips you and won’t let go.  Here I am twenty-four years after that first reading, and I still adore Lizzie and her Darcy to this day.

The story is such a classic, and  I imagine they’ll be re-making and re-tooling and writing even more sequels for generations to come.   This is good news for me (and probably for you too).  It means that if/when we have a Jane Austen phase, there will always be something (a movie, a book, etc) to help us through it.  


  1. I will be forever in love with Mr Darcy - you can't beat a good Austen xxxxx

  2. Did you ever get the chance to see the british tv series Lost In Austen made about 3 or 4 years ago? I'm sure you'd love it. I think we all love Mr Darcy as he represents our ideal man.

  3. That recent version of Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite movie! Like you said, gorgeous and takes your breath away...exactly! I play the piano, and that music is genius, and really speaks to me. I found it, and purchased it, and play it on the piano. I think I might even watch it tonight!;)



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