Dinosaur Snouts & Groundhog Day

Little Guy and I have been doing a lot of “projects” lately.  They keep him busy (and out of trouble), and they give us quality time that is always appreciated. 

As soon as we decided to have children, I started to accumulate educational materials.  I had been collecting children’s fiction and picture books for many years prior to starting a family, but when we made that decision I began to branch out a bit.  By now, I have a nice assortment of books that cover most topics (match, science, art, language, geography etc) for multiple age groups.

Usually I have some projects in mind, and other times I let Little Guy pick what we will do next.  Recently he had found an activity (to make dinosaur snouts) in an old Better Homes and Gardens book that I have.  This was timely, as the January theme at his pre-school was dinosaurs, and he LOVES learning about them and pretending to be one!

For this activity, we needed two Styrofoam cups, some yarn, construction paper, glue and scissors.  I helped him with the cutting but he did most of the rest.  We learned that the yarn did not really hold the snouts on very well, but that we liked holding them to our faces just fine.  It was a simple little project, but one he really enjoyed.

Another one little activity we did recently was for Groundhog Day.  On the evening before (Feb 1), I told Little Guy all about the Groundhog, and how he was going to look for his shadow.  LG thought this was fun, and wanted to know more about groundhogs, so we looked them up on-line.  After looking at several pictures of the furry creatures, we talked about shadows and about animal homes.  Then I brought out our supplies for the little project I had in mind.  We used an empty cottage cheese container, construction paper, a Popsicle stick, some brown pom poms, glue and scissors.

I cut the bottom out of the cottage cheese container.  We turned it over, and glued green paper to the sides.  This was to be the groundhog’s burrow.  Little Guy drew some flowers to add, and we glued those to the grass.  Then we took the pom poms and glued them to the Popsicle stick.  Presto we had a groundhog!  We let him dry over night, and then the next morning (while Puxatawny Phil was stepping out of his home in Pennsylvania), Little Guy was pushing his little groundhog up out of its ‘burrow’.  This was a fun and simple project.

No matter what we end up doing, we always have fun with our little 'projects'!

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