Hand-Made Christmas, Part 3 (Dr. Who)

As I mentioned in my last post – Hubby and I decided this year to make each other gifts this past Christmas. 

In addition to the wall hanging featured in that previous post; I also made a small plush Dr. Who for Hubby.  If you don’t know the Doctor, he’s kind of hard to explain.  A British television series that has spanned decades, and follows a fantastic and funny time traveler as he has adventures all over time and space.  Hubby’s favorite incarnation was the fourth doctor – played by the talented Tom Baker.  His version of the Doctor was quirky and fun and known for a ridiculously long scarf, among other things. 

I used a photo of the 4th doctor that I found on the internet as a rough inspiration and free handed the body (using doll face velour).  I also free handed the clothing and stitched up as much as I could on my machine.  I used a doll needle and embroidery thread to make the eyes and the little smirk.  All of the clothes are made from heavy duty felt, except for the vest which was made from a scrap of plaid wool from my stash. 

I didn’t have to buy anything to complete this project.  It took me the better part of three hours to cut out, assemble and sew the whole thing.  I’m very pleased with this, and am fondly calling it “Dr. Who felt art”.  Hubby keeps it atop his dresser next to the little ninja I made for him last year (long story there which I’ll save for another day).
Here he is without the little scarf...

and Tom Baker as the Doctor... my inspiration for this project!


  1. Thankyou for visiting - nice to meet a fellow bargain hunter and thrifter. Your little boys are very sweet. Wishing you a very happy New Year. Betty

  2. You did really well - and the smirk is spot on. Happy New Year! x



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