Christmas Stockings

We’re Boston Red Sox fans, and our family room is all decked out in Red Sox everything.  The family room is where our fireplace is, so when it was time to make Little Guy’s Christmas stocking three years ago, and when it was time to make Baby Boy’s for this year…the theme was easy to choose.  Both are made of heavy duty felt.  The designs on the front were cut from the same type of felt based on a free-hand sketch. 

The circle with the sox within did take quite a bit longer than the big “B”.  Four nights of my free time (translation: whatever time I have between when the boys go to sleep and I do) was spent working on this.  I’m pleased with how it turned out.  I wanted something that was similar to LG’s without being to matchy-matchy.  I’m pleased with the results.

Note: I did tweak the photo a bit (obviously) to remove the names of my boys.  The names are actually big block letters (same heavy duty felt) that I sewed on by hand.

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